While proper risk management is a tool to help achieve objectives by establishing controls, sometimes risks do occur. Having a business continuity plan helps the organization to recover within acceptable times and forms from the occurrence of disruptive risks. These risks may be technological or otherwise. It is necessary to have an approved, disseminated and tested plan.

Datasec offers the following services:  

  1. Awareness raising and workshops on continuity.
  2. Audit of current continuity plans.
  3. Impact analysis (BIA).
  4. Development of technology contingency plans.
  5. Support for the selection of viable continuity strategies.
  6. Crisis communication plans.
  7. Design, dissemination and testing of the business continuity plan.
  8. Coaching for continuity roles and teams.
We have the Meycor software for Information Security to provide the results of the service in a secure way and so that the organization continues with its work to maintain and improve the risk management system created.
We have DRII certified consultants with extensive experience in building plans for all types of organizations. We take ISO 22301 as a reference.