Our company is a pioneer in disseminating and supporting good compliance practices. The legal impact of not having an adequate SIPLAFT can have an unacceptable magnitude. Are you willing to assume it? Do you know what can be the most effective way to comply without incurring costs that your organization cannot afford? Do you know which are the precedent crimes (such as tax fraud) in which you can be involved?

Prevencion lavado de activos

  • Are your personnel aware of their responsibilities in relation to the money laundering prevention program?
  • Does the person who has the functions of compliance officer in your organization require support in their tasks?
  • Is the methodology to evaluate your clients' risks designed with their reality in mind but based on best practices?
  • Are your current controls adequate to the level of risks you face?
  • Do you have a policies and procedures manual for your SIPLAFT?
  • Can you ensure that you are informed about the changing and dynamic regulations on this subject?
  • Do you have timely information on new typologies that may apply to your organization?
  • Do you know how to act in the face of a requirement from the regulator or at the judicial level?
We have worked successfully developing anti-fraud, anti-corruption and anti-money laundering systems, participating in forums, developing training and consulting programs and using Meycor and Arbutus software.
In Uruguay, the recent law 19574 imposes obligations on non-financial entities to have policies, procedures and risk management in this regard. 
Your organization may have a small, medium or big structure, but the obligation to comply is there. Fines, criminal punishment and administrative sanctions can be serious, but even more serious is the damage to your image if your controls inadvertently fail and the risk of being used in a laundering operation is realized. 

We have a team of experts who cover all dimensions of the problem. 

Whether you need initial or ongoing support to your compliance officer, we can help you with: 
  • Design and implementation of the money laundering and terrorist financing risk management system for compliance due diligence (Know your customer and know their risks).
  • Design or review of your policies, procedures and internal controls under a risk management approach.
  • Creation of roles for compliance according to your own reality.
  • Advise on legal aspects to face possible administrative or judicial requirements.
  • Use of technological solutions for customer verification and operations monitors.
  • Development of customized training programs for your collaborators and compliance officers in the detection and analysis of unusual and suspicious operations. 

If you have any question about this service please contact us at contacto@datasec-soft.com