Risk management is necessary in any organization that wishes to achieve its objectives. Its integration to the current management systems of the organization (ISO 31004) must be harmonious and realistic according to the internal and external context. Internal control, according to COSO III, is considered by Datasec in this service.

We offer

  1. Risk workshops and training activities 
  2. Development of the framework, methodology and roles in risk management
  3. Identification and redesign of business processes
  4. Risk identification according to approved methodology
  5. Support for the development and follow-up of risk mitigation plans
  6. Coaching for the creation of Risk Unit
  7. Coaching for risk-based auditing audit
  8. Integration of risk management with ISO 9001:2015
We have the Meycor GRC software that provides the results of the service in a secure way and in such a way that the organization continues with its work to maintain and improve the risk management system created.
Datasec offers for auditing solutions Arbutus (data analysis, fraud detection) and Audita (planning, execution and work papers and auditor management).