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Auditorías Gubernamentales

Implantación exitosa del software para la gestión del proceso de Auditorías Internas, utilizando AUDITA y AUDITA2.  El software se adaptó a la dinámica y metodología de la Administración.

Enhancing Cloud Cybersecurity for a Major Fleet Management Organization.


Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) services


The client, a global provider of safety and productivity solutions for fleet vehicles, based in the US, serves various industries including waste and recycling, law enforcement, and truck and trailer markets. With technology as a cornerstone of its operations, the company extensively uses cloud platforms for business operations and data storage.


Given the global scale of its operations and the sensitive nature of the data being handled, the company faced numerous cybersecurity challenges. These included a lack of comprehensive cybersecurity measures, potential vulnerabilities in their cloud security infrastructure, and an absence of a standardized cybersecurity framework. Also, the company sought to evaluate the return on investment (ROI) of its existing cybersecurity measures.


Datasec, a renowned provider of cybersecurity solutions, was brought on board. The proposed engagement was divided into six Statements of Work (SOWs).
1. Cloud Cybersecurity Remediation Plan and Follow-up Assessment: Datasec identified critical vulnerabilities in the client’s cloud security infrastructure and assisted in their remediation. A follow-up assessment ensured the efficacy of the remediation measures.
2. Cloud Cybersecurity Investment Analysis: Datasec conducted a comprehensive ROI analysis for the client’s cybersecurity investments. It also identified potential areas for improvement and cost savings.
3. Cybersecurity Gap Assessment, Maturity Evaluation, and Improvement Plan: A thorough gap assessment of current cybersecurity controls, policies, and procedures were carried out, with an evaluation of the maturity level of the client’s cybersecurity stance. Datasec then provided a detailed improvement plan based on these findings.
4. Comprehensive Cybersecurity Framework: A robust cybersecurity framework was developed that aligned with industry best practices. Policies, processes, and roles were clearly defined, and an implementation plan was set up.
5. Cybersecurity Staff Augmentation and Virtual CISO Services: Datasec provided seasoned cybersecurity professionals to supplement the client’s team. A dedicated virtual Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) was assigned to serve as their primary cybersecurity advisor.
6. Cybersecurity Managed Services – SOC as a Service & Incident Response: A Security Operations Center (SOC) team was provided for continuous monitoring and incident response, along with routine vulnerability scans and threat intelligence reports.


The engagement led to significant improvements in the client’s cybersecurity posture. The company now had a secure cloud environment, a comprehensive cybersecurity framework, and more efficient use of cybersecurity investments. Staff augmentation and the introduction of a virtual CISO brought in much-needed expertise, allowing for better management of cybersecurity efforts. The continuous monitoring by the SOC team ensured that potential threats were detected and mitigated in real time. Overall, this comprehensive cybersecurity revamp instilled a culture of cybersecurity awareness within the organization while safeguarding its critical assets and data.