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Primary level health plan administrator


Auditorías Gubernamentales

Implantación exitosa del software para la gestión del proceso de Auditorías Internas, utilizando AUDITA y AUDITA2.  El software se adaptó a la dinámica y metodología de la Administración.

Elevating Information Security with our exceptional Integrated Management Support Service.




Comprehensive Management Support Service


This company has established itself as a pioneer in the U.S. health insurance market, offering premier financing and coverage services nationwide to a diverse public. It caters to a clientele of 100 million individuals across its various health plans.


The company needed a comprehensive service that covered preventive monitoring and swift incident response, sequential scans for risks and vulnerabilities, management audits, and certifications.

Furthermore, they were in search of awareness and training programs for all their personnel to identify potential risks.


This was particularly crucial considering the substantial amount of information and processes they handle daily. Any vulnerability scenario had the potential to significantly jeopardize their operations and the services they provide.


Due to its comprehensive nature, a work plan was executed by sub-areas to optimize diagnosis and scanning time. 


The SOC (Security Operations Center) team implemented all necessary adjustments for both on-site and remote monitoring, ensuring operations 365 days a year to date.


The Security Management team conducted a significant internal audit, followed by a comprehensive effort from the consulting team to achieve ISO-IEC 27001:2013 certification. Periodic follow-up tests for each of the developed services were also conducted, ensuring that the company remained secure and in compliance with the various standards and regulations mandated.


The outcome proved to be a resounding success. In fact, the client not only chose to sustain the service but also expressed the desire to integrate new additional solutions. This decision will empower them to uphold seamless operations and persist in providing the best health coverage service in the region.