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To ensure integrity in digital services


Auditorías Gubernamentales

Implantación exitosa del software para la gestión del proceso de Auditorías Internas, utilizando AUDITA y AUDITA2.  El software se adaptó a la dinámica y metodología de la Administración.

Enhancing Security in Digital Banking Services


IC Banking


A prominent international group specializing in digital banking services, with a presence in Uruguay, Peru, Chile, Colombia, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, and Panama, encountered the critical challenge of ensuring the integrity and confidentiality of its financial services. This commitment extended to over 40 banks in Latin America and the Caribbean, serving more than 10 million active users.


The company embarked on a mission to uphold excellence in information security and cybersecurity, recognizing these as fundamental pillars for preserving the trust of its customers.

Faced with the need for a thorough audit, the client aimed for a comprehensive evaluation of its security and compliance protocols.


Recognizing that any vulnerabilities jeopardizing the company or compromising client confidentiality were unacceptable, we meticulously developed a detailed work plan with a precise timeline for executing the audit.


The security consulting team, comprising experts in the ISO/IEC 27001 standard, conducted a comprehensive review of the 10 points of the standard. This encompassed an examination of the 114 controls that encompass both technical aspects and management issues.


A work plan was established to systematically address each point of the security benchmark, meticulously recording and correcting the findings of the internal audit.


Throughout the process, continuous reviews, updates, and follow-ups were conducted, adapting processes in alignment with current regulations. The consulting team collaborated closely with the company to analyze potential security risks and design future projects with these considerations in mind, ensuring a proactive and preventive approach to security.


The project concluded with a thorough analysis and collaborative design of new projects, considering potential security risks and corresponding strategies to mitigate them.


The client expressed complete satisfaction, as the audit findings were not only addressed but also resulted in a substantial improvement in processes. This directly translated into tangible benefits in terms of service quality, risk reduction, and operational efficiency.

By openly acknowledging the success of our service, the client not only demonstrates their commitment to information security but also underscores their ability to adapt and strengthen operations in a dynamic and challenging environment.


This success story serves as a prime example of excellence in the realm of digital banking services, showcasing their prowess in staying at the forefront of security and cybersecurity.