The Allianz Risk Barometer 2022 once again highlights Cyber Incidents as the most important risk facing organizations globally.

The pandemic is gradually moving into another phase, leading to some risks dropping and others unfortunately remaining.

In this aspect, when we analyse risks, there is nothing like asking an insurance company.

The Datasec consulting team has been using the annual Risk Barometer report for years in our Senior Management awareness talks, in order to stand out the importance that Cyber Risk should have in decision making.

In the 2022 report, generated based on the vision of 2650 experts from 89 countries, Cyber Risk, and specifically Cyber Incidents are once again highlighted as the most operational risk faced by organisations around the world.


For the Americas, Cyber Incidents stand out as the second most important risk, second only to Business Interruption (e.g. supply chain disruption). In countries such as Brazil and Argentina, Cyber Incidents are identified as the first and second most important risks.

In this sense, it is also highlighted that Cyber Risk represents the greatest concern as a potential cause of Business interruptions.

When analysing the report according to the size of the companies, the scenario does not change as Cyber Incidents are still the most important risk for both large and small companies.

If there is one thing we have heard too much of during this pandemic, it´s been the concepts of resilience and exponential growth.

Unfortunately, we must insist on the first concept; the resilience or cyber resilience of organisations must remain a strategic priority over the next few years, where digital transformation, hybrid work and other permanent changes that the Pandemic will leave us with will make cyber risk a permanent concern.

It is not a technical risk, it is about organisational continuity and therefore a strategic and business risk.