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Numbers That Speak: Our Achievements in 2023

Numbers That Speak: Our Achievements in 2023


Given that 2023 has already ended, we take pride in reflecting on the remarkable accomplishments and insights gained across all sectors of our business. 

In terms of team growth, we have experienced continuous and substantial expansion by welcoming new local and international talent. 

The expansion and renewal of our staff provide us with the opportunity to seize new market perspectives, broaden our services, and meet the rising demand.

Turning our attention to our IT security endeavors, the Ethical Hacking sector produced the following results:

These figures underscore our thorough and comprehensive approach to ensuring online security, showcasing our unwavering commitment to the highest standards of data security, and the trust our customers base places in us to safeguard their systems and data.

Our Security Operations Team (SOC) was engaged in the analysis and mitigation of:

Throughout these investigations, several types of attacks were identified, warranting special attention:


  • Defense Evasion, Persistence, Privilege Escalation, Initial Access (T1078 technique) exhibited a high occurrence rate of 57.26%, indicating its relevance and criticality for defense strengthening.


  • Discovery (T1046) and Reconnaissance (T1595) techniques, while relatively low in presence (0.26% and 3.43%, respectively), emphasize the importance of vigilance during the initial phases of a possible attack.


  • Techniques such as Execution, Impact, Initial Access, and Persistence (T1204, T1529, T1531, T1190, T1566, T1136) ranged in occurrences from 0.26% to 20.32%, indicating their potential impact on security. Proactive prevention strategies should be prioritized in these areas.

In the Consulting area, we reached significant milestones:


  • Implemented and supported two companies through all phases of the audit for ISO/IEC 27001 certification, reaffirming our commitment to the highest quality standards in consulting.
  • Initiated a project for a Scottish Health System in collaboration with Meycor, focusing on COBIT assessments, marking another achievement in our portfolio of major international projects.
  • Commenced the migration of ISO/IEC 27001 management systems to the new version in more than 10 companies, demonstrating our adaptability to the latest regulations and standards.
  • Supported companies in obtaining PCI DSS certification.
  • Several companies in the financial sector have placed their trust in us, delegating to us the responsibilities inherent to the role of Information Security Manager.
  • Collaborated with AGESIC in the implementation of mechanisms to monitor the security of part of the IT infrastructures of several Central Administration Agencies and Non-State Public Entities, as well as in the diagnosis of the maturity level of the Cybersecurity Framework adopted by the Agency in many of these same types of institutions.

Our dedication to training and professional development has been outstanding. Throughout 2023, we accumulated:

These efforts highlight the valuable resources we have provided to our clients for continuous learning, reinforcing interaction and fostering collaborative learning.

Each of these achievements reflects the hard work and dedication of each and every member of our team. 

We eagerly anticipate embracing the challenges that this year holds, building upon this robust foundation to consolidate and expand our endeavors.