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The Datasec and Grupo Radar report reaches the media

The Datasec and Grupo Radar report reaches the media


Once again, our cybersecurity report on Uruguayan businesses has been released in collaboration with Grupo Radar, sparking interest from national press outlets.

El Observador highlights some alarming numbers from our report, such as the fact that 11,000 companies claim to have been hacked in 2023.

Furthermore, Telenoche gathers data from the report regarding the number of companies that feel protected against a cyberattack, representing only 21% among the 600 Uruguayan companies surveyed from the industrial, commercial, and service sectors.

Reynaldo de la Fuente, director of Datasec, explained to Telenoche that “this year, companies acknowledge that their level of maturity in cybersecurity matters is low”, representing a greater awareness of their situation.

In this regard, he pointed out that while the cost of protection is high, the price paid after suffering a cyberattack is undoubtedly higher. Therefore, “that is the assessment that companies must make today as they face a risk to business continuity”.

In addition, we participated in the ICT Table by the program En Perspectiva on Radiomundo 1170am, where the topic of how prepared both companies and the government are for a cyberattack was addressed. During our participation in the discussion, Reynaldo provided information about the state of cybersecurity in Uruguayan companies from our annual report. “80% of companies claim that their clients do not demand significant levels of cybersecurity”, so there is still a journey ahead for society as a whole to become aware and demand higher levels of cybersecurity.

Furthermore, De la Fuente stated that many vulnerabilities originate from the technological foundation being used, such as the lack of updated equipment and investment in adequate infrastructure. This aspect undoubtedly represents another challenge when it comes to reducing the risk and vulnerability in cybersecurity matters.

Access the full report here.